Broke before your next payday? JDSL Finanancials' got you covered! Contact Us Financial Service advisory JDSL Financial provide her clients with professional advisory services towards better wealth planning and funds management. let’s get started

We are customer-centric and apply a laser focused approach in dealing with each client’s need.


We act in the client’s best interest and promote responsible lending.


We are committed to providing transparent services and full disclosure to all our clients and other stakeholders.


Honesty and fairness are the key guiding principles in all our engagements and dealings with clients

Welcome to JDSL Financials

JDSL FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD was incorporated as a limited
liability company with RC No. 1741251 under the laws of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria.
Our company started its operation as a financial institution the same year,
serving the needs of small business (SME), individuals and Federal and state
Government sectors.
We are been managed by a team of seasoned professionals with proven successin the financial and non-financial sectors that execute quality standard tasks. At JDSL Financial Services Ltd we pay much attention to specification and details, timely delivery, quality delivery and cost effectiveness. [Read More]

Our services

We offer loans and savings products to our clients through strategies that enable them pay without hassle.



Our Credit & Loans Team creates and manages the risk asset portfolio of the company. They possess broad based industry knowledge with which they analyse and process each clients’ request.



JDSL Financials encourages client to explore the savings product. Our savings is categorized into daily, weekly, and monthly savings respectively. Savings customers stands a chance to receive loan.



Professional handling and overseeing of all your investments and funds.

We provide Financial Advisory Services


JDSL Financials Limited is a  financial institution dedicated to providing financial services in the areas of Credit, Funds Management and Financial Advisory to Individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Raising a loan is really very simply and quick. Sign up for a loan on our loan application platform filling all required forms, we will get back in less than one(1) hour after receiving your loan application

  • 1 Passport Photograph
  • A valid means of Identification( International Passport, Driver’s Licence or National ID card
  • Bank Verification Number
  • Pension Statement or Tax ID and Employment Letter
  • Utility Bill
  • Statement of accounts for the last 3 months


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